Benefits of Bituminous Membrane

Date: 06.07.2012 | Updates

Bituminous membrane which is widely used for waterproofing roofing has many benefits and therefore has been gain popularity among the wide ranges of waterproofing products.

The benefits of bituminous membrane are as follows:

  1. Benefits include that they move with the structure and do not absorb water. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon and is created from crude oil.
  2. The products have an extremely long life span, with most membranes having BS (British Standards) marks against each product name.
  3. The fumes given off during installation are not harmful to human health and there is low noise pollution during application.
  4. Bituminous membranes protect insulation and can reflect harmful sun rays. New products also contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy.
  5. Bitumen is not water soluble, non-biodegradable, not classified as carcinogenic and does not release harmful toxins.

Source: wikipedia

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